Where are we headed?

In an effort to create the optimum family and community environment for the children and families served by Casa Bernabe we have taken into consideration the necessary infrastructure for the different functions and programs that are part of the ministry. Having the proper infrastructure will allow for more effective cross functionality between our ministries and programs.

As we seek to expand our existing infrastructure and strengthen our ministry, we recognize the need to properly support the on-going success of these programs. The increase in infrastructure will need to be matched by an increase in our general operating budget. In total, over the course of the next five years we have estimated a need to increase our general operating budget by 7.5% annually.

We are seeking long term partners who will commit to joining us in seeing the work completed and supported.

As we look to the future we see an expanded ministry that shines an ever increasing light into the surrounding community. Through continuing to develop the medical clinic, enlarging the school, and enriching our Families United and community programs we hope to provide some economic initiatives and training opportunities for children and their families.