We are in need of additional classroom space and education resources tailored to build a strong early foundation and more specialized instruction and technological resources with smaller class sizes through our higher grades.


Based on Early Childhood Care and Education research, we have proposed a separate three classroom structure to be built on our existing campus. This structure will be constructed with our pre-k through 1st grade children in mind utilizing child sized fixtures and scalable components. We are taking into account elements of design that are important to consider in early childhood environments . The size of the rooms, types of furniture, color of the walls, amount of light and room layout all influence how children learn. If the classroom is too chaotic, busy and over stimulating this can easily distract them from learning.

Keeping in mind the traumatic background situations that many of our children come from, creating safe places, particularly in regard to bathroom use is of highest priority for us.

The plan also includes an educational administrative building that will house a new sensory therapy room.

In addition to the new space we are going to restructure the use of our current school building to accommodate smaller class sizes for our older children in grades 2-9, introducing “class-switching” for subjects and more ability-minded teaching.

TOTAL COST - $250,000
TOTAL RAISED - $210,000

Architectural Rendings of Our School Expansion Project

Architectural Rendings of Our School Expansion Project