Fundraising Ideas

Change for Change
Simply by filling up a can with spare change; you can bring the Hope of Jesus Christ to orphans and vulnerable children in Guatemala! Will you "bring change" to the life of an orphan?

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt and send participants all around town. Charge a registration fee and offer extra tips and hints for different donation amounts.

Feed Yourself, Feed an Orphan
Host a BBQ, Pot Luck Dinner, Pizza Party, or a Pancake Breakfast! Invite your friends, neighbors, or community and ask for free-will donations to Defend the Cause!

Channel Your Inner Master Chef

A nod to cooking reality TV, try rounding up supporters and foodies around a friendly culinary competition. Contestants create their best dishes with a specific ingredient, or other criteria, and people pay to taste and cast their votes.

Everyone Can Give 1Day
Choose one day to give all you earn from your place of employment or allowance! Promote and share your commitment with customers, clients, friends, and family inviting them to participate. Everyone can give 1Dday!

Movie with a Mission 
Invite friends over to watch a movie and charge an entrance fee designated to Friends of Children Everywhere. You can be creative and choose an orphan themed movie ranging from Annie to Blindside. 

Trash Art Auction

This quick fundraising idea isn’t just for the eco-friendly, but for all creative types. Enlist local artists to create some avant-garde masterpieces out of recyclables or other waste products, and auction off the pieces.

Donate Your Allowance
Whether it is one day a week, or for one week a month, you can donate your earnings to the orphan. Choose how you will designate your allowance to Defend the Cause with Friends of Children Everywhere.

Bike Relay

Turn a tried and true fundraising idea – the traditional bike race – into a team-oriented activity. Set up a relay style race with prizes for the teams that place.

A Dance Marathon

Host a dance-a-thon and challenge participants to dance for as long as they can! Supporters can also request songs for $5. Last one standing receives a prize.

Dime Wars 
Challenge dorm halls, classrooms, or church groups to see who can collect the most dimes. Quarters, nickels, and pennies collected are deducted from the opposing teams total. 

Dodgeball Tournament

Ask each team to fundraise a certain amount to participate and to come geared up for some serious dodging.

Find 5 Challenge 
Partner with Friends of Children Everywhere and find 5 friends to do the same!! Learn more about our Hope Sponsorship with Casa Bernabe in Guatemala, and partner with us.

$2 Wage Challenge 
Did you know that over 3 billion people live off of $2 a day or less? For one day save $2 for yourself in remembrance of those who go without and donate the remaining days wage to Friends of Children Everywhere.

 Would you like to host a fundraising event on behalf of Friends of Children Everywhere to help Defend the Cause?  Download our Create a Fundraiser/Event packet for some ideas and guidelines.  Or if you’re interested in scheduling one of our team members to come challenge and equip others to defend the cause click here.

**Please note, the images, Defend the Case campaign, and materials provided are intended to be used for FOCE/Casa Bernabe organizational fundraising only. Please do not use this campaign to raise funds for individuals or teams preparing to visit Casa Bernabe.