Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

UPDATE: With almost $2500 already raised, we have just been given a very generous matching donation gift to help us reach our goal. That means your donation dollars will be doubled up to $3600 and we will be able to provide our Casa Bernabe students with the proper tools for learning to kick off the school year! You can track our progress in raising the remaining $3600 in funds at the right of the page or donate directly to the cause below.

Need: Textbooks
Our teachers are currently trying to teach with only one textbook per classroom!

COST: $9,700 PER CLASSROOM: $1,400 PER BOOK: $75

Please be sure to choose curriculum under educational needs or mark your donation as “textbooks.”

For more than 10 years, the school has generously opened its doors to families in the surrounding community. Due to many economic and social limitations, in most cases, the children from these families would otherwise not have the chance to receive any kind of formal education. There is no other Casa Bernabe program having a greater community impact than the school.


We believe that we can begin to disrupt the poverty cycle in the neighborhood surrounding Casa Bernabe through prioritizing education. In Guatemala the average child attends school for just 4 years, many leaving school in order to work and help support their families. Guatemala also has the lowest literacy rate in Central America, with 1 in every 4 people over the age of 15 unable to read. The reality is, children who grow up without education are less likely to send their own children to school.

So, even though the school year is winding down in Guatemala we are looking ahead towards next with some significant needs in order to break this cycle. Currently the school is operating with just one text book per classroom. Our Casa Bernabe students are spending the majority of their day transcribing what a teacher reads to them from the singular textbook into a notebook instead of having the ability to actively be participating in their education through reading and discovery. We would love to be able to welcome our students back next year to fully equipped classrooms. Will you partner with us and help provide each classroom with a set of books? The total cost for the entire school, all 280 of our students, is $9,700.

Don’t pass up those clearance school supplies either. Download our wish list for next year.

School Supply List