You can make a difference. Our sponsors are a vital part of delivering the Good News of Jesus to the children and families served by Casa Bernabé.

Casa Bernabé is a beacon of hope in a city that is filled with so much hopelessness.  A place for traumatized children to feel safe and loved. However, Casa Bernabé receives no public funding.  Each ministry of Casa Bernabé is dependant on your donation to remain operational.  

Friends of Children Everywhere believes that through our combined efforts and dedication to utilizing our experiences and resources we can help to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Your donations will make possible stories of love, redemption, rescue, strength, and family. Whether you choose to support one of the Casa Bernabe ministries individually or become a Hope Sponsor, your donations are tax-deductible, and the lifeblood of our organization. Your donations = changed lives.



Our Hope Sponsors are able to touch and influence every aspect of a child's life at Casa Bernabé.  Financial support isn't always glamorous, we have to pay for electricity, we have to buy toilet paper.  Those are realities of life. They are necessities.  As a Hope Sponsor you are helping meet these very real needs and more.  Your sponsorship ends up looking like the security of three daily meals, a warm, safe bed at night and the continuing care of loving adults.  Hope Sponsors give the gift of an education, a vocation, and ultimately,  the hope of a life beyond the walls of the orphanage for not just one, but all of the children.  Our Hope Sponsors create the foundation that every other program is built off of. This is our most essential sponsorship, and for as little as $10/mth, this is your biggest opportunity for impact.

As a Hope Sponsor you will receive an annual update and a thank you card from one of the Casa Bernabé Children.

Hope Sponsors, you are playing a part in God's story of redemption for each and every one of these children.  On behalf of them, let us say thank you.



Child Sponsorships offer individuals or families the opportunity to invest in the life of one of our Casa Bernabé children.  As a sponsor your financial contribution will go towards meeting a portion of your child's everyday needs.  But, more importantly, as a sponsor, you have the ability to build a relationship with your sponsored child through letters and small packages delivered to them by one of our board members at various times throughout the year. We cannot convey to you the anticipation and excitement of the kids when they get their "mail."  Yes, they love their gifts, but even more important is the communication piece of your sponsorship, your prayers for them, your personal notes, photos, sharing your life with them and your desire to know them. Each of our children only have one or two sponsors and they value and treasure every opportunity they have to connect with you.

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