Mission Care Team

It is our hope that the application process, and serving at Casa Bernabe Ministries will be a transformational life experience in your walk with Christ and connects you in a lasting relationship to this ministry. A member of our Mission Care Team will be with you every step of the way to ensure the very best experience possible.


Janet Shell
Missionary Coordinator
Friends of Children Everywhere


Sarah Bollinger
Missionary Coordinator
Casa Bernabe Ministries


Ashley Cunningham
Development Director
Friends of Children Everywhere


Is travel in Guatemala safe?

As guests of Casa Bernabe your safety is our number one concern. Our campus is well protected and guarded. You will always be accompanied by a staff person whenever you leave our campus. For more information about travel in Guatemala visit the U.S. State Department international travel website.

What documents do I need to travel to Guatemala?

While you must have a valid passport to enter Guatemala, US citizens do not need a travel visa.

Is it safe to drink the water or eat the food in Guatemala?

Food is prepared onsite and purified water is provided for drinking. When you travel off campus, a Casa Bernabe staff person will let you know where it is safe to eat.

Do I need any vaccinations?

There are no shots required to enter Guatemala or re-enter the United States. That said, we do recommend a recent tetanus shot. The CDC also recommends a Hepatitis A and B for anyone visiting a developing country.

Are there active volcanoes?

There are four active volcanoes in Guatemala. Two are visible from Guatemala City. Pacaya erupted in May 2010. The other active volcano visible from the city is Fuego. It belches out puffs of smoke several times a day, sometimes small, but sometimes quite large and impressive. The other two active volcanoes in Guatemala are Santa Maria and Santiaguito. There are a total of 36 volcanoes in Guatemala.

Is there anything our team can bring down with us?

Yes, teams can help by brining down many of the day to day items we need for the children. Ask for an updated list prior to your trip.