Child and Family Sponsorship


As a new family sponsor you will be paired with a child living within the family unit that you are sponsoring. This sponsorship offers you the opportunity to invest in the life of one of our children through their Casa Bernabe family. For some of our children, life at Casa Bernabe is brief, as their biological families just need a little time to better equip themselves for caring for their child. As a whole, the country of Guatemala is placing a priority on family reunification, recognizing that institutionalizing children is not in the child's best interest, nor is it a long term solution. For some of our children, reunification isn't a possibility and they will be with us for a longer period of time. This program allows each of our children an opportunity at sponsorship, no matter how long they are with us. It allows you, as a sponsor, to welcome the new kid with a note of encouragement, and uphold them in prayer. For our children who are with us for a longer period of time, there is the chance to build a relationship with someone who is caring for them thousands of miles away. Built holistically, this program also gives you an opportunity to come alongside our house parents, helping to bless the house as a whole, being responsive to needs as well as the fun things. This program gives you an opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the amazing couples that are following a calling from God and doing the hard work of caring for our kids "on the front lines."