Our Vision

Support. Empower. Transform.


We desire to provide spiritual support to families, empower communities and transform generations through hope in Jesus Christ . 

Since 2002, we have been committed to the support and care of the children at Casa Bernabé. Together, we are providing hope for vulnerable children in Guatemala, both within the walls of its campus and also within the surrounding community.

We seek to transform the lives of vulnerable children and families through a dignified standard of living, rooted in Biblical principals that foster the holistic development of productive individuals and stable families that will bless their communities and impact their nation.

As we look to the future we have dreams of an expanded ministry that shines an ever increasing light into the surrounding community. Through continuing to develop the medical clinic, enlarging the school, and enriching our Families United programs we hope to provide some economic initiatives and training opportunities for children and their families. Our desire is to shift the narrative; to help keep struggling families together, and break the cycle of poverty.


Where are we headed?

Our strategic initiatives are aimed at optimizing our available resources and strengthening our existing departments and their programs.

View the Executive Summary of our Strategic Plan