Breaking ties of generational poverty and abuse through family modeling and education.


Children’s Home

The cornerstone program of our ministry, our Children’s Home is what sets our ministry apart. Designed with family in mind, our children live, learn, worship, and heal in a home based setting with the guidance of loving Christian parents. We work to repair and reconstruct a stable foundation for our children to flourish from whether they age out of our care or are reunited with their biological family.

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Transitional Living Program

Our Transitional Living Program helps young adults over age 18 learn to work, attend school, and acquire life skills in preparation for launching into Guatemalan society.

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Christian School

Offering a Pre-K through 9th grade education, Casa Bernabé’s on campus Christian School provides quality, Christ centered education for over 300 children, with about 70% of the children attending coming from the community surrounding Casa Bernabe.

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Vocational Program

This program offers vocational and workplace preparation with hands on education and an emphasis on life skills, geared specifically for the adolescents living on our campus.

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Medical Clinic

The clinic is uniquely situated on our campus to provide care for both our children and the surrounding community. The clinic houses three psychologists, a nutritionist, a pharmacy, and the dental clinic with a full time dentist.

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Families United

Guatemalan courts are changing the ways in which they are handling cases brought before children’s court. Recognizing that institutionalization is not the best solution for children, the courts have placed a greater priority on family reintegration whenever possible. Our Families United program is a pioneer ministry committed to reconciling and restoring broken families of the children who have been placed in our care, stepping in and filling the gap of public social services..

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