Sponsor Hope.

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Hope Sponsorship Basics

For us, caring for vulnerable children in Guatemala means showing love, teaching family, building trust, and instilling hope. It means caring holistically for children who have come to us out of tragic circumstances. It also means coming alongside families who have been separated and helping them find their way back to each other, showing them Jesus through all that we do. As a Hope Sponsor you have a hand in doing all of this as well. You will touch and influence every aspect of a child's life at Casa Bernabé. 

Financial support isn't always glamorous, we have to pay for electricity, we have to buy toilet paper.  Those are realities of life. They are necessities.  As a Hope Sponsor you are helping meet these very real needs and more.  Your sponsorship ends up looking like the security of three daily meals, a warm, safe bed at night and the continuing care of loving adults.  Hope Sponsors give the gift of an education, a vocation, and ultimately,  the hope of a life beyond the walls of the orphanage for not just one, but all of the children. 

Our Hope Sponsors create the foundation that every other program is built off of.

This is our most essential sponsorship, and for as little as $10/mth, this is your biggest opportunity for impact.


The Casa Bernabe Collective → Group Giving

In connection with Hope Sponsorship, the Casa Bernabe Collective is a new way to multiply your giving. By joining forces, and combining all of our little bits of sacrifice, we can build something bigger than ourselves. The Collective is a way to do that, and as a result is helping meet real-world needs.

Through the Collective you could turn a $10 monthly Hope Sponsorship into $120,000 or more annually. Here’s how:

We are seeking 100 Hope Sponsors to commit to recurring monthly 2020 donations of $100, by the end of the year. We understand that this may be prohibitive for some people so here is our challenge:

Do you have 3 friends who could join you in donating $25 each or what about 9 other people who would be willing to donate $10? Can you imagine, turning your $10 into $10,000 each month?!

Track our progress below.

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