Volcán de Fuego


First, we have been in contact with our Casa Bernabe family and everyone there is ok.

If you haven't heard yet, just before noon on Sunday, Volcán de Fuego erupted sending towering clouds of ash miles into the air.   Hours later, around 4 p.m., lava began flowing down the side of the mountain mixing with ash, water, and debris blocking roads and burning homes. 

Ash from the volcano, which lies about 27 miles west of Guatemala City, fell on the capital area as well as Sacatepequez, Chimaltenango and Escuintla. Streets and houses were covered in Antigua.  Casa Bernabe has been unaffected by the eruption.

Guatemala's disaster agency said early Monday that at least 25 people had been killed.  However, an undetermined number of people were missing and authorities feared the death toll could rise. 3,100 people had evacuated nearby communities, and about 1.7 million people are being affected. 

I have been in contact with Sara Salguero and wanted to share the latest from on the ground in Guatemala. "At this point, outside of praying there isn’t a lot we can do…yet! I spoke with Donie this morning as she is much closer to the volcano than us.  She said they are good, just covered with ash that they are trying to get cleaned up and they are still on red alert, meaning they could still have to evacuate but at this time they are staying where they are.  Since the volcano is still rumbling and spewing this morning, much of the area near there is shut down and only open to rescue workers.  Last time a major volcano erupted like this (it was Pacaya last time), we did send a team to help with clean up, but right now the roads are closed and they aren’t allowing anyone near there at this point.  I haven’t seen an official list come out yet as to what the shelters are asking for as far as needs go, but we are going to work on getting stuff ready to at CB to take whenever we get a green light (medicines, clothes, shoes, bedding, etc).  Everything is still just in the early stages, so I am assuming that as the week goes on, we will know more as to how we can help."

Thank you for your concern and prayers! As we have more information on how we can help we will share it.


Ashley Cunningham
Development Director
Friends of Children Everywhere