Volcan de Fuego Response - How you can help


A note from the Chairman of the Board

Today I sit  without threat of volcanic destruction, holding my new baby.  Knowing that she is herein safe.  Knowing that I did not have to choose As Volcan de Fuego erupted which child to save and which to leave behind.  I think a choice like that would haunt me forever.  I was reading about parents in El Rodeo who were faced with that very choice.  I am grateful and I want to do my part.

I went to Guatemala in 1992, driving a van through Mexico because there was a family in need. Our family had befriended Donie and Pedro Hernandez and when their need for a van was known, some from our church banded together to help.  Tim, Ronnie, and I were the delivery crew.  Today the crisis is larger than a van, but our heart remains turned toward their need.

I have the privilege of serving as chairman of FOCE and we work alongside some of greatest people I know at Casa Bernabe.  The Casa Bernabe Team continues to look for ways to serve their country.  This crisis is no different.  They have already been sending loads of supplies to relief centers and have reached out to authorities to offer our facilities as a place to receive children. The staff at Casa Bernabe is receiving special training to prepare for this possibility.  The need is very great.  The news reports of the disaster have flooded my heart with sadness.

You can help.  There is immediate need for supplies for those who have been displaced and a continuing need for the longer term care that these families and children may require.   Gifts sent to FOCE for Casa Bernabe can be earmarked for “Fuego Assistance”.  These funds will be distributed by our team in Guatemala, providing necessary resources for those who have lost so much.  Please give so that God can use you beyond your borders!

You can pray.  The rescue effort requires courage.  Great teamwork and coordination is required in massive efforts like this.  Many are working so hard with their only reward being dangerous conditions and grieving families.  The situation is heartbreaking. Please pray so that God can use you to strengthen the hands of those close to this disaster!

Matthew Howe Chairman FOCE