Fuego Relief Update

As you know, this was a huge tragedy that affected so many families in Guatemala.  There were entire families, generations, lost.  Those who survived have been left with nothing.  We are so thankful that through your generosity we will be able to bless and help these people, even though they are living beyond Casa Bernabe’s walls.  This is what we are called to do too! The funds that have been donated to Friends of Children Everywhere for Fuego Relief will be used in cooperation with the Verbo church closest to the area affected.  They have the necessary structure and strategy in place in an effort to provide the best long term help.  Verbo has already done the preliminary socio-economic investigation in order to determine which families and people we can best help. We are hoping to build small one-family homes that will be very economical but will meet their basic needs while they await their promised permanent government housing.   The plan is to construct them on the same property that they already have extended family living on.  This will ensure that they will not be removed from the land as well as provide them the security of living near other family members.  The structures also have the ability to be moved when and if the government comes through with the promised land grants but will lessen the family burden in the meantime.  Most of the victims, that have since left the shelters, are moving back home with extended family.  Thank you so much for partnering with us to be the Good News to these families who have lost absolutely everything!